How to determine the size of the elevator door?

Editor:海宁市红狮电梯装饰有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-12-25 

The elevator door is installed on the elevator door. Elevator doors can be divided into two types from the installation position, the one installed at the hoistway entrance landing is the landing door, and the one installed at the car entrance is the car door. Floor doors and car doors can be divided into central doors, side doors, vertical sliding doors, hinged doors, etc. according to their structure. Split doors are mainly used in passenger elevators, side-opening doors are more commonly used in freight elevators and bed elevators, and vertical sliding doors are mainly used in sundries elevators and large car elevators. Hinged doors are seldom used in China, and are used more in foreign residential ladders. Let's take a look at the standard size of the elevator door's length, width and height?

When the elevator is running, the inclination angle needs to be less than 15°. In this way, the size and structure of the elevator door need special consideration and design, so that the goods can be transported conveniently. The elevator door size is generally determined according to the weight that can be carried. The net opening size of the 630KG elevator door is 800mm*2100mm, and the 800KG net opening size is also 800*2100. The 1000KG load-bearing elevator door is generally customized to 800*2100.1000KG The load-carrying elevator generally has a net door opening size of 900*2100. For those above 1000KG, the door opening size needs to be set to 1100*2100.