How should I take the elevator during the new crown pneumonia epidemic?

Editor:海宁市红狮电梯装饰有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-12-25 

During the epidemic, elevators, as an important tool for security and travel, did not stop operating. But the elevator space is small, there are many passengers, and it is easy to be polluted. How should we protect ourselves and take the elevator in an orderly manner?

Set up a special elevator for heating personnel

Elevator users should pay attention to the health of passengers, and need to take the elevator for heat-generating personnel, and if conditions permit, they can independently set up a dedicated elevator for heat-generating personnel, and strengthen the maintenance and control of the elevator.

Ordinary people need to pay attention to the following when taking the elevator

Residents and passengers in the building can take the following measures: do not approach the elevator hall and car door when waiting or take the elevator, keep as far as possible from the elevator hall and car door, and stand on both sides of the elevator hall and car door instead of directly Face-to-face contact with other passengers walking out of the elevator car;

Wear a mask when taking the elevator, touch the buttons and handrails in the elevator car as little as possible, and don't lean against the car wall; don't stay in the car, and keep your distance from other passengers as much as possible;

If you have to, try not to take the elevator with multiple people at the same time (especially people who don't know each other). In the face of the virus, it is acceptable to go upstairs late;

When there are few people, before entering the elevator car, you can block the light curtain at the elevator door and close the door late to change the air in the elevator car;

If it is a residential building, it is recommended to disinfect the home while also paying attention to the disinfection of the elevator car to reduce the workload of the property;

Residents who live on low floors should take the ladder as much as possible, which can ensure a relaxed environment on the ladder, reduce the probability of infection, and exercise.

Elevator car protection measures

(1) Ventilation

1. For elevators with ventilation fans installed in the car, the ventilation fans should be kept on for a long time.

2. Elevators without ventilation fans in the car can be combined with disinfection work and regularly open the car door for ventilation. The ventilation time should be no less than 10 minutes each time.

(two) disinfection

1. The disinfection work should be carried out by trained personnel with certain disinfection knowledge, accompanied by elevator maintenance personnel.

2. Operators should wear work clothes, gloves, work shoes, masks, hats, and goggles when necessary. And prepare disinfection equipment and articles, clean rags, watering cans, warning signs, mops, etc.

3. Before starting the disinfection, the elevator should be stopped first and warning signs should be set. Clean the elevator and then disinfect it.

4. If ultraviolet disinfection is used, the car door should be closed and the car door should be irradiated with ultraviolet light for no less than half an hour.

5. If disinfectant is used, a clean cloth can be moistened with the detoxifier, and then wipe the button panel, armrests and other parts frequently touched by passengers. The hall door, car wall and other parts can be sprayed and smeared with a small amount of watering can. After the disinfection has reached the specified time, wring out the damp cloth and wipe the key panel and other parts to prevent the disinfectant from corroding the elevator electronic components. Use a damp cloth to remove the disinfectant on other parts to prevent the residual disinfectant from causing harm to the human body.

6. After the disinfection is completed, resume normal operation of the elevator, take back the warning sign, bring the tools back, and make a record of the elevator cleaning and disinfection. The staff took off the protective equipment, put them in a bag and brought them back for disposal, and the staff performed sanitary treatment.

7. During the pneumonia epidemic, local disinfection (such as elevator button panels) and disinfection can be alternately performed. If a confirmed case or a suspected case is found to have taken an elevator, the elevator should be stopped immediately and handled in accordance with the requirements of the health and epidemic prevention department.