Correct installation method of villa elevator

Editor:海宁市红狮电梯装饰有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-12-25 

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people buy back villas to make it easier and faster to get indoor stairs around the house. Many people choose to install elevators at home. There are many types of villa elevators, and the price It's not cost-effective. Therefore, we must be very cautious when choosing villa elevators. The editor will introduce the purchase method of related villa elevators in detail for you, and choose a villa elevator that is cost-effective, comfortable and convenient according to your specific needs.

The correct way to install a villa elevator:

One, whether it is personalized

Personalization is the first difficulty for villa elevators. The purpose of installing elevators in villas or homes is to facilitate the convenience and application of people. If the selected elevator cannot take into account the transportation of disabled wheelchairs, then the elevator will not be personalized. The specification model of the disabled wheelchair is 68cm wide and 93cm long, so the elevator car should exceed 70cm wide and 100cm deep as much as possible, otherwise the wheelchair cannot be pushed.

2. Can be customized

Individualization is based on the characteristics of the construction project or the construction of the villa, as well as the real identity, temperament and hobbies of the application person, and it is very important to choose the elevator that is consistent with it. The villa elevator manufacturer introduced in detail because the villa itself is unusually personalized, and buyers and builders use different building structures and styles to reflect the individualization, so the elevators try to reflect the individualization, otherwise it will reduce the level of the villa .

3. Is it safe

Being trustworthy is naturally one of the key elements in choosing an elevator, so how to choose a trustworthy villa elevator is also very important. Generally, residents or real estate developers who use elevators do not have enough knowledge of elevators, so there are three parties to check how to determine the trustworthiness of elevators.