What to pay attention to when buying elevators

Editor:海宁市红狮电梯装饰有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-12-25 

There are many problems considered when purchasing elevators:

Safety factor: Only safe products can make everyone feel at ease. Safety factor is undoubtedly an important consideration for purchasing a home elevator.

Beautiful and generous: According to all normal aesthetic concepts, the purchased home elevator is integrated with the current engineering building and the surrounding natural environment, so that it becomes a part of the engineering building without excessively obvious comparison.

Pit: Many traditional home elevators have a deep pit, so the basic construction of the pit is carried out at home. If you are unwilling to dig the pit, you can choose a bottomless pit elevator or at least 50 mm at this stage. Home elevator in the pit.

Civil engineering: Generally, elevators with built-in integrated hoistway do not require all civil construction. This depends on whether the selected home elevator has a built-in hoistway.

Maintenance: The main consumption of elevators in the middle and later stages is maintenance and maintenance. A clear grasp of the frequency and cost of elevator maintenance, as well as the service life, can reduce some redundant expenses.