TOP 10 Global Elevator Parts Brand

Faced with the great development of global logistics and the exploration and practice of One Belt And One Road in China, the next 5-10 years will be a good opportunity for the reform and development of the elevator industry.

Good innovation, good layout and exploration of China and even the global market will be the password for transformation and upgrading and mastering the future.

The 2018-2019 new elevator network global elevator award ceremony and new era elevator enterprise marketing seminar with the theme of "the future has come, hand in hand" was held in langfang, hebei province.

Haining red lion elevator decoration co., ltd. won the honor of "TOP10 global elevator accessories brand influence" in the 2018-2019 annual new elevator network global elevator industry TOP10 selection and award process.

In the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up and the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, he won the "outstanding contribution enterprise of the elevator industry" award for his outstanding contribution to the reform and development of the elevator industry.

The two awards are the affirmation of the strength of haining red lion, and also the high appreciation of the contribution of haining red lion to the elevator industry over the years.




Haining hongshi elevator decoration co., LTD., founded in 1991, is the most advantageous professional manufacturer of sightseeing elevator car and one of the main manufacturers of various elevator decoration parts.

At present, the company has developed into a group operating enterprise cluster, and its other main member companies include: haining hongshi mechanical and electrical research institute, haining hongshi baisheng technology co., LTD., haining hongshi mechanical and electrical technology development co., LTD., and haining sevigny mechanical and electrical co., LTD.

At present, the main production and operation fields of the whole enterprise cluster are: aviation manufacturing, financial and medical electronics manufacturing, elevator manufacturing;

The main product categories are: aircraft cabin parts and sheet metal structural parts, multimedia intelligent terminal, medical equipment, high-grade elevator cage and sightseeing elevator cage.

The fields of production and operation that are being expanded are: r&d and testing of nuclear power machinery, elevator machine and intelligent multimedia electromechanical products.

The enterprise covers an area of 20,000 square meters, 18,000 square meters of building area, 345 employees, including 101 technical personnel with college degree or above, 59 technical personnel directly engaged in product research and development, with strong technical development force.

High-end elevator decoration

The enterprise has CNC production line, automatic spraying production line and other advanced and large production equipment, sophisticated equipment, strong strength.

In product design, "elevator car computer modeling design system" for modeling design, can be personalized customization, realistic image, what you see;

In terms of production design, the "rapid design system to meet customer customization requirements" developed in cooperation with Shanghai jiaotong university can be used to carry out 3DCAD visual design based on product modularization and parameterization, with fast speed and high accuracy.

In the processing capacity, equipped with first-class CNC machinery, including laser cutting machine, multi-station punching machine, CNC bending machine, CNC slotting machine, CNC water cutting machine, CWB welding non-trace spot welding machine, with the processing ability and digital production quality assurance;

In terms of production and manufacturing technology, the company possesses and masters the processing technology of 180 degree circular arc safety laminated sightseeing glass, the processing technology of upper and lower cover of acrylic semi-ball sightseeing ladder, the patented technology of colorful sedan door and colorful siding, and the key technology of sightseeing elevator cage and elevator decoration.

In terms of technical strength, it has a design team composed of experienced decoration designers and engineers, and independently developed more than 40 national patents with complete intellectual property rights.

In quality assurance, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system international certification.

HONGSHI is an enterprise that owns most of the patents of sightseeing elevator car in China. It has accumulated rich valuable experience in the manufacturing technology and production process of sightseeing elevator car, and has a significant advantage in domestic peers.

Recently, the company has developed and launched a new fashion concept of the new product - decorated elevator door, thus completely changed the previous elevator door color monotonous, pattern changes, varieties of the single situation.

Enamel door plank is the independent research and development has full intellectual property rights of patented technology (patent no. : 03232234.8), with a design change is big, small processing limitations, color bright, widely used, etc, give a person with infinite daydream space and brand-new visual enjoyment, can be said to be the elevator industry a revolutionary breakthrough, pregnant with the huge market potential and business opportunities.

At present, the red lion ongoing new round enterprise upgrading, fully integrated into gradually make digital manufacturing technology in the process of product development and manufacturing, which can make the enterprise become a fully digital production and management, has the modernized manufacturing industry level, sightseeing elevator capsules, high-grade elevator capsules and elevator decoration products manufacturing base.

"Three products" management system

In order to comprehensively improve the management level of the enterprise, the company puts forward the overall requirements of comprehensively improving the "three grades", namely, the taste of people, the taste of goods and the taste of services.

To improve people's taste in the first place, the overall improvement of the staff's realm and grade, constantly update the idea, set up a good ideological and moral basis for the promotion of taste.

To the middle and senior managers, there should be unity and cooperation, sincere feelings;

Be passionate and passionate about your work.

And strengthen the leadership to lead by example, take the lead role, so as to strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force of the entire management team, forming a real work, hard and enterprising management team.

The innovative management concept, management mode and management means provide strong institutional guarantee for the development of enterprises.

"People - oriented" management mode has become the company's unique way of employing people.

Civilized business, integrity management.

The key to civilized business is to shape the corporate culture in line with the national system and rules of the game.

Although it is a private enterprise, the company has also set up party branches and trade unions to give full play to the advantages of party building and provide political security for the enterprise.

The company regards employees as the first wealth of the enterprise, CARES about and takes good care of employees, abides by labor rules, actively protects the rights and interests of employees, and changes the concept of labor and capital: the enterprise does not feed employees, but employees feed the enterprise, and employees are the real creators of the enterprise.

For several years in a row, employee income has been rising steadily. Compared with other local enterprises, the wage income is relatively high.

It also actively carries out a series of diversified and colorful recreational and sports activities, combining work and leisure, enriching the leisure life of employees and meeting their spiritual and cultural needs.

Therefore, the company's labor union was named "six good brand labor union" in haining city.

Quality is the life of an enterprise, and ensuring product quality is the obligation of every responsible enterprise. "red lion" always abides by the people-oriented industrial spirit, resolutely resists the illegal ACTS of shoddy products, and establishes a good brand image to win the trust of customers.

Reputation is the foundation of sustainable development of the enterprise, is the valuable wealth of the integrity management condensation, is the customer to give us the glory!

Our company always takes the customer as the center, provides the elevator cage which decorates exquisitely, the beautiful comfortable, has the time breath and the decoration spare parts and the good faith after-sales service for the customer as the enterprise service objective.

The company won the "2015 best elevator decoration brand selected by users in the elevator industry";

In 2015 and 2016, won the title of "excellent supplier" of suzhou lane elevator company;

Jiangnan jiajie elevator company awarded the title of "excellent supplier" of our company in 2016;

The company won the title of "jiaxing famous brand products" and the title of "high-tech enterprise".

It was rated as "small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise of zhejiang province";

"Red lion electromechanical research institute" has been recognized by provincial r&d center.

  Haining Hongshi Elevator Decoration Company won Top 10 of Most Influential Elevator Parts and Components Brand 2018

  CNLIFT Global Elevator Award Ceremony 2018-2019 and Elevator Marketing Seminar held in Langfang on Aril 20th, 2019.

  Haining Hongshi Elevator Decoration Company has been honored with Top 10 of Most Influential Elevator Parts and Components Brand 2018 on the ceremony. And it has won Outstanding Contributions in Elevator Industry for its impressive efforts in the reform and development in elevator industry, during the memorial part of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 70th anniversary of founding the nation.

  The two awards represents the recognition and high appraisal of the real strength of Haining Hongshi Company.